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windmill 25cm 603
windmill 25cm 613
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windmill 38cm 613
windmill 38cm 623
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46cm 8 leaf windmill
windmill 14cm 801
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46cm ppsp windmill
608 windmill 15cm
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108cm windmill
63cm windmill
sun flower windmill 100cm
sun flower windmill 65cm
sun flower windmill 80cm
a rainbow curtain
curtain heart
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8 blades windmill assemble
assemble windmill
Hole type windmill assemble
windmill assemble
windmill assemble

Welcome to Taiwan Windmill World. Our company offer a series of high quality plastic windmill for decorating garden, school, park, party place , store, meeting place, chamber, oil station...etc. We also accept OEM ,FOB order. If you have interesting, please feel free to contact us. TEL:04-7780579 , FAX:04-7769759,E-MAIL: toy.mail@msa.hinet.net 
(ps: If you can not open the "movie windmill live show" files. Please download the files and open with "windows media player".

Windmill World
Tel:04-7780579 ; FAX:04-7769759; e-mail: toy.mail@msa.hinet.net
No15, San Min Rd, Lukang, Changhwa, 505 TAIWAN

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